I love podcasts especially gaming or hobby ones.  In addition to my own, I offer services editing and producing for others.  My goal is not to rush edit a bunch of podcasts, but to spend the time to help you put together the best quality cast possible.  If you're looking to save some time and focus on creating over the technical side please fill out the form below or send me an email.
Below are some examples of editing and cleanup I can provide.  Including noise reduction, removing silences, reducing echo, removing clicks/phones.  Other content editing can include adding music/sound, removing off topic conversation, spreading out people talking over each other, and much more.

Audience Noise

Reducing echo


Fan noise



Some complex noise like static overlaps with the voice and is impossible to remove and remain intelligible.  In these cases the goal is to reduce the noise so it's not too abrasive for the listener, but avoid damaging the voice sound.


More Static

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